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Kris Jordan’s life was radically transformed at the young age of twenty when she surrendered her life to Jesus Christ. This is her story…

Kris grew up in a very loving home, but she did not know Jesus personally. Throughout her teenage years, she mistakenly believed that as long as her good behavior outweighed her bad behavior, she would make it to heaven in the end. At the age of nineteen, Kris met “certified public accountant” Joe, and they were inseparable from that moment on. After dating exclusively for seven months and surviving a tumultuous break-up followed by an unanticipated reconciliation, Kris was shocked to learn Joe’s true identity as he opened up to her one night over dinner.

As she sat across the table from him, she listened intently as Joe disclosed his “real life story” to her. He shared how he had been raised in a Christian home and that his parents, Fred and Willie Jordan (founders of Fred Jordan Missions on Los Angeles’ Skid Row) were in full-time ministry together. He went on to explain that he wasn’t really a CPA but had actually attended Bible college and was called by God into ministry; however, because he was afraid, he had been running away from God and working on a ranch to support himself instead.  As he began to weep uncontrollably, all Kris could do was sit in disbelief and stare at the stranger she thought she knew.

Shortly thereafter, Joe began to share the gospel with Kris and gave her a Bible to read. He suggested that she start reading in the gospel of John; and when she did, it was as if the words were jumping off of the pages and plunging deep into her soul. God was using His written Word to deal with her sinful heart and to reveal the truth of the gospel to her in a way that she had never experienced before. Each time Kris would read her Bible, God would use His Word to draw her closer to Jesus. Through it, He opened her eyes so that she could see her sinful condition; He revealed to her how much He loved her; He showed her the way to be saved; He counteracted her false beliefs with the truth, and He convinced her that forgiveness and salvation were only attainable by His grace through personal faith in Jesus and what He did for her on the cross. All of these were truths that Kris had never understood before.

During the next few months, Kris experienced an intense spiritual battle for her own soul until Joe finally pleaded with his father to come and lead her to Jesus. Fred came the following day and spent three hours with Kris, ministering to her from the Word of God. When he was finished, he asked her if she was ready to commit her life to Jesus, and she said that she was. As soon as she finished praying to receive Jesus into her heart, Fred told her something that would forever impact the rest of her new life in Christ: You need to “be” in the Word of God and to “stay” in the Word of God.  On that day, December 8, 1987, Kris took his words to heart and never looked back.

Since that time, Jesus has given Kris a deep-rooted hunger and passion for His Word. He has planted a fervent desire inside of her to not only teach His Word to others, but also to defend the faith against falsehood and error. It is out of this passionate calling that her book Scripture Subjects was birthed.

Joe and Kris Jordan are the founders of Jordan Outreach Ministries International, an independent, Christian non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. After being married in 1988, they worked as missionaries in Hong Kong before returning to the United States to serve with Fred Jordan Missions on Skid Row for nearly ten years. In the fall of 1997, one week after the birth of their first child, Joe and Kris moved to the Coachella Valley to begin what is now Jordan Outreach Ministries. Blessed with two beautiful children, Joe and Kris continue to work hand-in-hand, helping to declare and demonstrate the love of Jesus to the poor. For more information on their ministry, visit www.jordanoutreach.org.


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